Importing Used Cars To Ghana

The Home delivery price of a vehicle (HDP)

In evaluating a used car for customs duty purposes, the home delivery price or the manufacturer's price as at the year of manufacture of the vehicle is taken into consideration. Customs would usually use the CIF value (cost, insurance and freight) of a car to work out the payable duties and other taxes. However, in arriving at this "cost" customs uses the manufacturer's price and applies the rate of depreciation depending on the age of the vehicle. The cost deduced plus other handling charges are then added to the insurance and freight to get the CIF value to be used for customs clearing purposes.

For instance, A 2010 Mazda 3 with a home delivery price of $30,000, handled at the origin port at a charge of $300, shipped to Ghana with an insurance package of $400 and a paid freight of $1300.

This car is 4 years old as at 2014 so the rate of depreciation applied is 60%

60% of 30,000 = $18,000.

Cost (HDP + handling charges) = {18000 + 300} = 18300

This implies CIF = {18300 + 400 + 1300}

CIF value for duty purposes = $20,000.

Vehicles manufactured before 2001 also have special alphabets allocated as codes at the 10th position which is used to determine the year. The year of some vehicles are also determined from a manufacturer's chart matrix. Whiles there are certain deviations to some of the rules with regards to some car manufacturers, it is very important to make sure to know the age of the vehicle you import into the country. 

Over Aged Penalty Rates

Private vehicles

Age exceeding 10yrs but less than 12yrs - 5% of CIF value

Age exceeding 12yrs but less than 15yrs - 20% of CIF value

Age exceeding 15yrs - 50% of CIF value.ETC

Other rates are also applied to commercial vehicles as well.


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